Community Group Leaders directly shepherd, nurture, and guide the members of the church. Their primary responsibility is to see that their group members embrace the gospel and mature biblically. They are accountable to their pastors and must keep them informed about the spiritual health of the group and its members. Since the role involves more shepherding than teaching, a Community Group Leader’s lifestyle is crucial: he models the Christian life before the group, points those in the group toward Christ, and illustrates gospel transformation in the midst of the “stuff” of everyday life. Having said this, we realize that each Community Group Leader is at a different point on his journey with Christ.

This means you are not expected (1) to be the most mature Christian in the church, (2) to have all of the answers to questions that may be asked, or (3) to be a perfect testimony of living the Christian life. But you are expected (1) to be faithful and to lead by faith in Christ, (2) to love those in your group, continually seeking to penetrate their hearts and lives, while striving to overcome your own feelings of fear, pride, and/or apathy in this endeavor, (3) to repent and ask for forgiveness when you sin against another, and (4) to remember that ministry is a mutual blessing—blessing others and being blessed by others. 

Your role as a Community Group Leader will be challenging and demanding, but you will experience a renewed understanding of what ministry and life is all about, as well as grow in ways you never thought possible! 

Prerequisites for Group Leadership

  • Faith in Christ
  • Membership at RRBC (or in process)
  • Faithful attendance at RRBC worship services
  • A healthy, growing relationship with God
  • Completed application, training requirements, and leadership interview

Expectations for a Community Group Leader


  • Has a steady spiritual life and gospel-centered lifestyle as a Worshiper, Family member, Missionary, Servant, and Learner
  • If married, strives for a solid, gospel-centered marriage: an example of a redemptive relationship
  • Stewards resources in a godly way, as an example to the body 
  • Joyfully submits to RRBC’s pastors by supporting, discipling, and shepherding in consistency with church teaching
  • Lives with gospel intentionality in the ordinary – Remembering, Celebrating, Listening, Blessing, and Resting.


  • Prepares for 3 – 4 meetings per month
  • Manages group meetings including all essential aspects: fellowship, worship, discussion, and prayer
  • Recruits helpers to handle refreshments, email lists, other tasks as needed
  • Recruits and trains apprentices for future group leadership
  • Organizes group members for CG childcare service


  • Prays weekly for each member of the group
  • Facilitates and models authenticity in group discussions
  • Encourages group members to spend time together outside CG and does so himself
  • Encourages members to develop gifts and seek ministry opportunities
  • Tracks group’s numerical growth, member conversion and assimilation
  • Encourages group members toward gospel intentionality in the ordinary as Worshipers, Family, Missionaries, Servants, and Learners


  • Attends leadership training events consistently
  • Reports group progress and problems to pastors
  • Seeks assistance from pastors regarding soul care issues

The Role of Women in Community Groups

Women have a unique role as they assist the community group leaders; both married women and single women who help single men need to remember to model biblical femininity. Wives should encourage their husbands to be leaders, and single women should encourage their community group leader to practice godly leadership. Husband-wife teams can display, both to the singles and the couples in their group, the “great mystery” of the relationship between Christ and the Church, while they model godly marriages. Single men and single women can demonstrate for others what it looks like for singles to live out godly masculinity and femininity.

  1. Women community group assistants should cultivate the godly trait of hospitality (1 Peter 4:9, Romans 12:13). They can do this by:
    • Creating a warm, loving and safe environment as people enter your home, and intentionally greeting each person as an honored guest.
    • Remembering that community group is not just fellowship time, but a time to grow and journey with one another.
    • Allowing other people in the group to help out with details so you can focus on hospitality.
    • Making adequate provisions to care for young children, so as not to allow their behavior to become an unreasonable distraction to the group.
    • Desire that your home would have the aroma of Christ (Eph. 5:2), and of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. (Gal. 5:22)
  2. Women should exercise the spiritual gift of discernment that often goes along with their natural abilities.
    • Use this gift to minister to the ladies in your group. Don’t simply listen to what people are saying; remember to minister to the hearts of the women in your group. Seek to learn what is going on in the lives and hearts of the women in your group.
    • Follow up if you sense something is going on with one of the ladies in the group. Ask a married woman how her struggle is affecting her marriage. Whether the woman is married or unmarried, always ask permission to share this information with your husband, so that the two of you can minister effectively.Married women should delight in the opportunity to minister with their husbands.
  3. Married women should delight in the opportunity to minister with their husbands.
    • Ministry as a couple enhances your marriage, deepens your unity, and sanctifies you! Support your husband as the primary leader and joyfully submit to his authority. You can be a counter-cultural example of what a godly marriage looks like.
    • Know that others are watching you! Be an example of submission (Eph. 5:22-24; Col. 3:18; Titus 2:5; 1 Peter 3:1-5), honor and respect (Eph. 5:33), and encouragement (Gen. 2:18).