This Sunday evening, we’re continuing our series “Getting to Know Our Bibles Better.” We’ll be considering the topic “Principles in Practice: One Verse” (using material from Howard Hendricks’ Living by the Book). The last few months have covered the general topic of observation in Bible study… over the next few sessions, we’ll be putting our observation skills to work by looking at specific passages of Scripture (much like we began doing last Sunday evening).

If you are not a part of Sunday nights, please consider what you can do to make sure you don’t miss this great opportunity. Also, if you want to hear more about what this teaching will consist of listen to this 23 minute intro which explains what’s ahead!

We have been doing a series of Facebook posts featuring info on our Sunday Night Service.  To keep you in the loop and maybe answer questions you have here are the first two posts.  There will be others periodically.

Greetings, church family! As many of you know, we’ll be alternating between two different series on Sunday nights in 2017. The first one is called Getting to Know Our Bibles Better. It will focus on surveying the books of the Bible and developing better personal Bible study techniques. The other series, Navigating Rough Seas, will be occasional (once every few months). Within that series, we’ll seek to provide a biblical perspective on some of the hot-button issues we face in our day and age. Both of these studies will be Bible-packed, and will be just as beneficial for your discipleship as the Sunday morning service!

You may not be in the habit of attending Sunday evening services, and may have some questions about this. Over the next few weeks, we’ll try to answer some common questions about coming back to the Ridge on Sunday nights. We look forward to seeing you all soon, and may God bless you and keep you!


#1 Question: “Is it actually worth my time to come back on Sunday Nights?”

Answer: The short answer is that the Scriptures are always worth our time and effort! We are told in 2 Timothy 3:16-17 that all Scripture is profitable, beneficial, and necessary for the Christian life. We as the people of God should always desire to improve in our understanding, application, and proclamation of the Bible. This begins with an earnest desire to study the Bible wholeheartedly both in our personal devotion times as well as within a corporate worship setting in the local church. And so, we definitely believe it’s worth your time, because we’re making a serious effort to use Sunday evenings to equip our people for the Christian life in our day and age.

#2 Question: “Won’t this take away from time with my family on Sunday evenings?”

Answer: It’s certainly a good thing if you desire to spend time with your family. But what better way to spend time loving, caring for, and nurturing your family than to be discipled together with your church family! The bottom line is that corporate Bible study and quality family time are not two mutually exclusive things. In fact, we encourage families to learn and pray together during all of our services on Sundays!

#3 Question: “What about our children? Is there anything for them on Sunday nights?”

Answer: If you have younger children, nursery will be provided if they need to be excused from the service. But if your children are older, then everyone present will be spiritually uplifted to have them participate in Bible study and prayer along with us! Young zeal and perspective are always needed in the church. We admit that having children participate sometimes introduces challenges, but we are called as parents to disciple and teach our children. In addition, we as a church family are called to come alongside parents and help them in this endeavor. We hope to see more and more families involved on Sunday evenings in the days ahead.