We, as Ryker’s Ridge Baptist Church, believe that mission is a part of our identity as a church. Indeed, as a missional church, we believe that God has not simply commissioned “special” individuals to do the work of missions. Instead, we recognize that the church as a whole has received the injunction to live life on mission wherever its members find themselves (John 20:18-23). Thus, every Christian is a missionary. The work of missions is, therefore, not peripheral to the ministry of RRBC but is instead part of our very identity.

After His resurrection and before He ascended to the right hand of the Father, Jesus told His followers to be His witnesses starting locally and then moving out throughout the entire world (Acts 1:8). In like manner, we as RRBC believe that we have a responsibility to bear witness of Christ to our own neighbors, to those in North America, and internationally.

North American Missions

We as RRBC recognize our responsibility to minister to those outside of our immediate geographical context.

Church Plants

Part of our missional endeavor includes our desire to partner with gospel-centered church plants throughout North America to reach their communities. Our hope is to identify and come alongside young church plants, offering our services and resources for the upbuilding of the specific local community. Indeed, our hope is that all of our missional work would be connected (and not disconnected) from the local church.

International Missions

God has called His people to be His witnesses to the ends of the earth, and so we at RRBC seek to be faithful to this call as well.


RRBC has had an ongoing ministry to the people of Haiti. For quite some time, we have ministered to Haitian churches in the towns of Camatin and Belloc. God has blessed us with the opportunity to minister to these people in a number of ways, including ministry to orphans, pastoral education, medical, dental, and optical clinics, the provision of clean water filtration systems, and the construction of an actual church building.

Recently, we have entered into a partnership with Future Generations International Mission, Inc., an organization that seeks to minister to the people of Haiti. We are excited about what the future of our ministry in Haiti will look like.


We also enjoy a partnership with Alpha International Ministries, an organization that ministers to the country of India. Through this ministry, we travel to India to engage in evangelism, train pastors, help local pastors establish churches, and serve the orphans and other needy children.